Who can believe that 2013 is over? To me, I feel like I am still in 2012: The year I graduated from high school.

Many good and bad events happened throughout this past year, and I believe I have changed as a person. Hopefully into the better.

Since AlBalsamLife.com is a very personal and meaningful part of my life for me, I would like to share a few of my highlights of 2013, hoping that in a few years time, I could come back to this blog post, read it, and somehow feel happy about what I achieved this year.

One of the main events of 2013 for me was entering university, to major in a study that is ranked as a top study from the few top studies in the Netherlands: Advanced Technology. I started my first year of university extremely well and much better than what I expected, and I am absolutely thankful for that. I managed to make many new friends, meet new amazing people and witness a new culture in such a short period of time. For this, 2013 will certainly be a year to remember.

Entering university came with the event of moving out of my parent's house, which would be a huge step to everyone. I was extremely excited to be independent and live abroad alone, until I realized how much I can miss my family and home that I really long for every single night during my stay in the Netherlands. Although I miss being home with all my loved ones, I am really enjoying my time here in Europe, and I somehow do feel at 'home'. This is mainly because of the warm hearts that belong to the people who surround me here. Thank you :)

Relationships have been visibly important during the past year for me, and so much has changed in only one year. I was able to make new relationships, and sadly let go of a few. This has made me a stronger person. 

In the end, I wish you all a happy new year. I do not like to beg 2014 to be good to me, in fact I want to make 2014 an awesome year for myself. 

I hope you all have a fabulous year ahead Xo

with love,