Happy holidays! Xo

Yesterday, I headed to Douglas (which is a German perfume, book, jewelry, and confection retailer) to purchase several skin care products that I have been willing to buy for a very long time now.

If you are a regular reader of AlBalsamLife.com you would probably know that I am such a big fan of Clinique and Clarins, and that I usually purchase skin care products by those two brands - which are absolutely amazing and I would certainly recommend them to all my friends and beloved readers ;) - however, I personally decided to try a 'new' brand that I have never tried before for my skin. I made this decision because I feel like my skin has reached its 'peak' when it comes to progression with Clinique and Clarins, so I thought now would be the suitable time to switch to something new :D

Ever since I moved to the Netherlands, I have been pretty much neglecting my skin care and I had a very poor skin care regimen. This Christmas holiday, I really hoped for my skin to transform into the better so I did my research based on my skin type (which is dry especially on winter time), and I was interested in several products that I had to narrow down. In the end I settled for La Prairie and Estee Lauder for reasons that I will mention later on in this post.

Note that this skin care diary will be a series of blog posts that will feature my opinion and thoughts about the products I purchased every 10 days of use. This Intro post featured my opinion after a single use of the products. 

Starting with the products I bought from La Prairie, as they include the three basic skin care steps: 1) Cleansing 2) Toning and 3) Moisturising, I purchased four out of the five products from the La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Collection.

(Click here to purchase the advanced marine biology starter kit)

The kit costed me 103 euros and it included four products: The advanced marine biology foaming mousse cleanser, The advanced marine biology revitalizing emulsion, The advanced marine biology tonic lotion and last but not least, The advanced marine biology eye gel. You can also purchase the products individually, I will provide the links for those of you who are interested in buying the products.
(Click here to purchase the cleanser)

The first step that should be done when it comes to skin care is cleansing. A clean face is a healthy face. The la prairie advanced marine biology cleansing mousse works like wonders! It gives a great feeling of freshness and cleanness that I have always desired. I would certainly recommend it, as it works for all skin types! You will feel moisturized throughout the day. It cleanses really well without giving you a 'dry' feeling.

(Click here to purchase the toning lotion)

The tonic from this kit will result in an even skin tone that looks healthy, youthful and radiant, which is exactly what I need at the moment. My skin has several acne scars that have bothered me throughout the past few months, and now that the weather is getting colder, I feel like my skin is becoming extremely dull. The tonic lotion was something that my eldest sister recommended me to purchase - and I trust all her skin care decisions!.

The toner is step 2, and in this case it can be applied with fingers. Some toning lotions need a cotton pad for application. The la prairie official website states that this tonic can be applied with bare fingers.

(Click here to purchase the revitalizing emulsion)

The final main step from this kit is the Revitalizing emulsion cream, which acts as a multi-purpose, lightweight moisturizer for the face, neck and eye area. I am absolutely in love with it due to it's texture and light weight, which sits perfectly on the skin. With this, I never feel dry or over moisturized. Its honestly perfect for me and I would certainly recommend it to my readers.

The kit also included a small (almost sample size) eye gel, which helps fighting wrinkles on the eye contour area, as well as the dark under eye circles that nobody desires!

As for the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum that I purchased, it was recommended to me - again - by my eldest sister. She has been using it for a couple of weeks now and witnessed amazing results so I thought I should also purchase it to try it out for myself 

(Click here to purchase the advanced night repair serum)

This serum is used at night pre sleep and is designed to make the skin more beautiful during the morning by reducing all visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, discolorations, wrinkles and other signs that indicate aging of the skin. 

After using this serum twice, I honestly feel like my skin became much more youthful, glowing, and radiant in the morning. I can now wake up with beautiful skin and with a 'clean' and moisturized feeling.

I will keep you guys updated about this new skin care routine after 10 days of use :)

lots of love,