First thing that I would like to say: I wish that all my readers who celebrated Christmas this year had a great time with family and friends, and I wish you all a happy new year and a marvelous end of 2013.

I was blessed to be able to spend Christmas this year with one of my German friend's family in a small town named Dulmen, in Germany. I didn't expect that after this wonderful experience I would really have a second family here in Europe, and live a typical German life for 6 full days.

In this post, I will share with you photographs showing several new things that I tried, experiences and witnessed during my stay in Germany over the first week of the Christmas holidays, hoping that you enjoy looking through photos that are extremely memorable to me Xo

Christmas Day lunch table set up. We ate the typical German Schnitzel - which are usually made with pork but in my case I tried a Turkey Schnitzel - with Pommes (German word for fries) and mushroom sauce. It was a great meal :)

More yummy stuff! During my stay, after the Christmas eve dinner, our dessert for that day was something called 'Herrencreme' which - I believe - is a very popular dessert in the district of Coesfeld in Germany. It is usually cooked with Alcohol, but since I do not drink I had an alcoholic free version which - according to my friend - tastes better than the alcoholic one!

Christmas is not Christmas without the typical German Christmas cookies (first photograph of cookies - star shaped)! My friend and I got together to bake some Christmas cookies for ourselves and for the family, and it tasted great. This was the first time for me to make German cookies and I was happy that they turned out to be amazingly yummy :D. We also made chocolate chip cookies.

Food was a very important part of the Christmas celebration. On the second day of Christmas my friend's grandmother prepared a family breakfast for us and I was able to see how a typical German breakfast is like. It was very delicious :)

During my 6 day stay in Dulmen, I took the chance to also explore nearby locations. One of the highlights is my visit to Dortmund - which holds Borrusia Dortmund football club for all of you football fans out there - and I was honestly amazed by the lively vibe in the city.

Dortmund is the 8th largest city in Germany, and hosts one of the most popular Christmas markets in Germany. I visited the Christmas market and tried many typical German street food and 'Christmassy' drinks.

The Thier Galerie (shown above) was also a 'shopping' high light in Dortmund :)

In addition to Dortmund, Buldern was also a small village close to Dulmen that I was lucky enough to visit. I was amazed by my friend's school that she attended before going to University. The place looked magical, just like a movie.

Dulmen will certainly be missed :')

In the end I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to my friend Marilen's family for accepting me as if I was one of their family members during the Christmas celebration. I had such an amazing time and I would love to redo it again :)

with love,