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Its been a while since I was last able to sit down and work on my blog and select a few style picks for all my beloved readers, so this weekend I decided to take some time alone and spend it on working on albalsamlife.com, since I have missed blogging. I apologize for not being able to post as much as I used to, and that is purely due to my heavy university schedule. 

Today, I will write a little bit about choosing your prom dress! and a very affordable and cute prom dresses provider (online store) that you could consider :). I decided to feature such post on albalsamlife.com because I have been asked several times about where to find the perfect prom dress or how to pick a prom dress. Here are my thoughts on that:

How to choose the perfect prom dress?

Choosing any type of dress for a big event, such as prom, requires time. I personally always struggle picking a dress - especially for formal events - and I try to do it as early as possible. My number one tip is to take some time on choosing your prom dress, don't go with what everybody else is wearing, and try to start hunting for your prom dress as early as you can! It really does take time to find the perfect dress ;)

Whether it's choosing a regular dress, or a formal dress for prom, I usually love to get inspiration from the red carpet! and getting inspired from the red carpet for your prom look is perfect. I would suggest you check out what's trending by looking at what's hot on the red carpet, and then pick out your favorite trends. Although this is a good way to help you choosing your prom dress, I would not recommend you to get influenced by the red carpet styles and to forget what you personally like and what would fit your personality

Once you have picked out your top favorite trends, go shopping and try to find dresses that belong to those trends and try them out! You will eventually come up with a decision regarding which trend fits your body type best! Next thing you should do is try out different colors and fabrics and don't forget one of the most important things: always pick something that you feel comfortable in! it's going to be a long night ;)

Now that you have a dress in mind, pair some gorgeous shoes to go with it :D and you're set to go!

Where to find prom dresses?

I came across www.Okdress.co.uk, an online prom dresses/formal dresses store which offers Free shipping!  I personally checked it out and found many cute and affordable prom dresses - ones that are even under 100 pounds like this one here

If you want to see my personal favorite prom dress from okdress.co.uk: click here

One last thing that i'd like to mention to you guys!

Many of you know that i'm such a huge fan of ASOS, the number one global online fashion destination for 20-somethings, and I wanted to share with you guys their app called 'Fashion up' which gives you access to a monthly interactive magazine from ASOS. You can download it here on itunes by clicking the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/asos-fashion-up/id542687447?mt=8

I love how ASOS always features great fashion styles and is updated regularly with the latest style trends! Check out what's new in the marketplace of ASOS by clicking here

Don't forget to let me know your favorite pieces!

lots of love,