Affordable and versatile, glasses are fast becoming a staple fashion accessory in any modern wardrobe for both men and women alike. Check out the must-have styles for the modern male, and how classic shapes and frames never go out of style.
Eyeglasses, prescription or otherwise, are now being re-classified as a fashion accessory; if not by the fashion mavens, then certainly by ordinary men and women on the street. Below are some men’s frames styles that through the years have won the favor of both bespectacled celebrities and regular Joes alike.

The Aviator

Introduced by the iconic Italian brand Ray-Ban in 1938, aviator glasses became the accessory to have for the sporty trendsetters of the era. It has recently regained popularity and won over a new generation of avid wearers.
Aviator frames are quite versatile; they can go from trendy nerdy to hip-hop depending on the material they come in. The classic metal rims exude an aura of rugged masculinity, while a bolder acetate frame can evoke a level of sophistication and class.

Browline Glasses

These half-frame glasses were very popular in the 1950’s. Lending an intellectual air to its wearer (perhaps because of the thick upper portion of the frames), it can be paired with just about any outfit to complete a more casual look.
Although they definitely have a retro feel, brow line frames can be worn successfully by any modern male who is neither a slave to nor intimidated by labels.

Round-framed Glasses

Although not as popular among the males of the human species, men with a strong personality can easily wear this style and get away with it without risking any damage to their ego. Round-framed glasses do not intimidate the confident Alpha male and in fact complement his dominant personality quite effectively.
Both prescription and non-prescription eyeglass frames are now considered regular fashion accessories for both men and women. Wearing a pair of glasses no longer elicits taunts or evokes pity from the un-spectacled members of the population. Instead, wearing fashionable rims has become a statement of individuality, class, and taste.