Amsterdam Centraal station

Amsterdam: the city that I believe offers everything, and to everyone. You can be after a relaxed getaway or a marvelous vacation filled with excitement and amazing night life, Amsterdam can offer the best of both worlds. 

Yesterday, I visited the city for a day trip with two of my friends from university, and to tell you the truth, I was astonished by the city's ability to offer both a traditional and modern side. Although Amsterdam is not the 'perfect' place for me to be in - as it is a little over crowded and energetic for my taste, however, I do find it pretty fun to visit the city once in a while.

Regardless lack of sleep, my friends and I were all very excited when we finally reached Amsterdam! we found it to be very different than the city that we are currently residing in. The population was diverse, the surrounding sounds are very powerful and the city was extremely energetic, the night life in Amsterdam is known to be great :D (if you're into that kind of thing), and most importantly: the shopping there is also awesome :-)

American outfitters store in Amsterdam

I personally visited some interesting and unique museums that can only be found in Amsterdam, such as the Torture museum which educates the visitors about how people from the past used to torture those who are thought to be at fault. I was shocked by how evil people can be in the past. One thing that really caught my attention from the museum was the punishment for those who gossip! I am glad I wasn't alive back in the day when this punishment took place :-)

Museum of medieval torture instruments
An extra highlight of yesterday's trip was trying - what I believe - are the best fries in the world! Amsterdam offers several places to have absolutely delicious french fries, which are extremely popular with tourists as well as locals, the fries in this city are to die for! You must try them if you ever visit Amsterdam. Another yummy thing is also the dutch apple pie, which I couldn't try during my day trip yesterday :( but I will certainly go back and experience eating the best apple pies in Amsterdam :D 

Since this is a fashion/beauty based blog, I have to share with you one fashion item that I really loved and purchased from Amsterdam:

I bought a printed Michael Kors wallet, that I am absolutely in love with. The wallet has 8 card holder spaces, two dividers for paper money, and a zipper inside to hold your coins. It is very spacious actually, regardless its small size. I found it very convenient and decided to treat myself by purchasing it =)

Another 'cool' thing that I found at the American outfitters store in Amsterdam, is this thing right here:

What do you think? :)

In the end, I'd like to let you know that Amsterdam is such a stunning, large and exciting city to visit. I would encourage all travel lovers out there to visit the city at least once, I personally will be going back to Amsterdam to see the city for a longer period of time =) 

lots of love,