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I was extremely devastated because this year, I was unable to watch the live streaming of my favorite shows/designers from Paris Fashion Week showing the Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-wear collections, due to my busy schedule with university and studies. However, I finally got time to take a look at the shows from and I managed to select a few looks that are my personal favorite from this year's S/S collections by several of my favorite designers. 

The list of outfits chosen in this post are picked by me, so they show my personal favorites only! Feel free to share with me your thoughts as well as your favorite looks from the S/S Ready-To-Wear collections.

I heard several opinions on the Prada S/S show that were extremely positive, but I found it rather disappointing for me. I was mostly impressed by Saint Laurent's RTW in this year's Paris Fashion week - hence the reason why many of my Favorite looks belong to Saint Laurent.

For me, here are the high lights.

Elie Saab

White and black were certainly dominant in Elie Saab's S/S RTW collection in Paris fashion week. What seemed to be expected and typical of Elie Saab, still managed to impress me this year too. Although black and white were highly noticeable in the runway show, the designer also added a hint of color by adding a few designs with the same color theme (salmon pink/light pink) with gorgeous detailed fabrics and lace, as well as a few stronger/bolder colors such as red and emerald green.



Earth colors and simplicity is what I noticed by watching the S/S show by Chloe. I think wearing such shades of colors for spring and summer is essential. The designer also focused on comfort as they included few accessories and convenient shoes in the collection, that would enable you to walk comfortably, yet stylishly. 

John Galliano

Although I do not usually keep track on John Galliano, I do think that this show was stunningly beautiful and included a variety of designs but with consistency at the same time. I noticed the bold plain colors (yellow was a dominant color) mixed with a few symmetrical geometric patterns that I really like. The combination of the outfit and accessories was slightly courageous, making it fun for spring and summer.

Stella McCartney

Florals turned into dark glamour in the runway of Stella McCartney (also in Givenchy, where a floral jacket was designed with a dark gothic twist). I like the idea of having floral prints for spring and summer, but what made it interesting is that many designers added a dark twist to the concept of having floral prints on clothes. The Stella McCartney skirt worn above is an example - in my opinion - of how floral prints can also be worn in a mysterious and 'darker' way. The shades are also a high light.

Saint Laurent

I mentioned on the introduction that Saint Laurent is certainly on top of the list when it comes to the high lights for me, I think that the collection included items and clothing that are not very much expected to be under spring/summer. If you know me, I like unpredictability. This runway show impressed me and hence holds a very important part on my high lights for the season. 

One thing that I noticed - which I believe is worth mentioning since it's a fundamental reason behind my adoration for the collection - is that the looks shown are very feminine but engage a hint of masculinity. As an example, the designer added 'boyfriend blazers' and fierce biker jackets to very feminine designs, which is something I really like.


While Saint Laurent was fierce and dark, Valentino was the opposite: keeping it extremely feminine and sweet for summer and spring. Again, we see plenty of geometric symmetrical patterns that tend to make a comeback frequently on spring/summer every year. The designer also included gorgeous accessories and what I like to call 'feathery' pieces in the collection, and 'feathers' and 'fringe' items are always great :D

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