Roll it up : Those Sleeves ... For Mens & Ladies Tops!!!

A T-shirt is a lightweight and simple garment for the upper body. It is a style of shirt and its main characteristic is the T shape made with the body and sleeves. It can have short or long sleeves, round neck line, v-neck or no collar. T-shirts are typically made of cotton fibre or knitted together in a jersey stitch. This process is completed with special weaving machines called circular looms that produce a seamless fabric. A t-shirt offers many styles for both men and women across age groups.
the style for a ladies shirts is different than shirts for men.

The Sleeve Styles

A typical t-shirt has short sleeves that are about halfway down the upper arm. Today, there are many t-shirt sleeve lengths one can opt for.


Sleeveless varieties are generally associated with a tank top. There are straps on the shoulders that could be thin or cover the entire top of the shoulder.

Cap Sleeve

This style is seen in the ladies tops section. The sleeve covers the top of the shoulder, but does not extend around and under the arm.

Short Sleeve

This is one of the most common and traditional type of t-shirt sleeves. It generally covers about half of a persons upper arm, however this can vary.

3/4th Sleeve

This sleeve style is mostly used for womens t-shirts. It extends just below the elbow and the length will slightly differ.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeves extend all the way down to the wrist.

Raglan Sleeve

A raglan sleeve is more associated with style rather than length. The sleeve is attached to the t-shirt on a diagonal instead of a straight up-and-down seam.

The T-shirt Styles

The t-shirt has certainly evolved to become a piece of clothing that can stand on its own and make a fashion statement.


This basic t-shirt has one uniform colour or pattern throughout. Such pieces are great for layering or for a simple look.


This style has an image printed onto the fabric. It is extremely popular with both men and women.


Such t-shirts are decorated with a medium other than ink. Most women love this style due to the use of rhinestones, sparkles, lace, bows or studs, thses are widely available at online shopping sections  for women.

The Neck Shapes

The neckline shape is extremely crucial for the overall look. It adds comfort and style to the simplest of t-shirts.

Round Necklines

This is the most conventional and common neckline. It sits close to the base of the neck and is the most modest type of neckline.


V-necks form a pointed V at the neck. Some stay close to the size of the regular scoop neck, while some form a deep V.These Sleeves look amazing when paired balloon fit pants.

Scoop Necklines

The scoop neckline is mainly used on womens t-shirts. It is wide and has a low rounded shape.

T-Shirt Fit

No matter what the style is, the t-shirt fit remains a matter of choice for both men and women. Many people prefer loose fits for comfort reasons.T-shirts have become a wardrobe staple indeed and also the most popular piece of clothing. Everybody loves them for the convenience and style they offer.

T-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing with various designs and patterns. It is crucial to understand the various types of t-shirts to make the correct decision before buying.

Written by Amelia Smith:
A shopping addict, avid reader, ardent writer, loves to travel and explore surroundings with an unprecedented attraction for jewelry and body-care!