Choosing the perfect aftershave for you can be difficult and will require a little trial and error. Different aftershaves will be great for some people and terrible for others. It’s really down to personal preference.
Aftershave is lighter fragranced than cologne and is more appropriate for close quarter situations such as the office. This makes it perfect to splash on in the morning before you set off for work.

Alcohol based aftershaves are designed to close your pores and will cause some slight stinging when doing so; a nice little morning wake up call if you ask me. However, if you really don’t want this stinging sensation in the morning you should go for an aftershave balm. This won’t be as harsh on your pores and will protect your face along with helping to soothe any damage caused by shaving.

Your new aftershave should be one you enjoy smelling and feel confident wearing, seeing as though you will be both smelling and wearing it all day long, providing you get a good quality aftershave that doesn't fade after an hour of putting it on. Don’t over do it though, it won’t make it last longer, it will just make it more potent and annoying to others. People want to smell it when they get close to you and not when they’re in the room next!

Cheaper aftershaves will fade in a matter of hours which will require you to add a little more during your lunch hour at work, therefore buying cheaper aftershaves will cost you more over a longer period of time. Good quality aftershave will be able to close your pores and leave you with a clean, potent scent.

To apply the correct amount of aftershave, place a small amount in your palm - no more than a quarter of a teaspoon - then rub your hands together. Then use your palms to apply the product to your cheeks, jaw and neck.

There’s no difference between aftershave lotion and aftershave splash as both are the type of fragrance that is applied using your hands and not sprayed on. Aftershave balm, however, is more like moisturizer; it is designed to soothe and replenish your skin after shaving while still smelling lovely.

On many fragrance websites it will state what is in the fragrance in a three layer style. These three layers are the top, heart and base of the fragrance. Top notes are what you smell when you first apply the fragrance and they usually last a mere 10 minutes before stepping down. The next is the heart of the fragrance, this is the most potent smell and will remain present for longer. Then, after 20-30 minutes, the base notes can be picked up, which will bulk out the fragrance and support the top and middle notes, which will round it up and make it smell richer and more complex.

Hopefully this blog will help you to choose the perfect aftershave. However, it is down to a lot of personal preference. Don’t be afraid to conduct some trial and error experiments with different fragrances that you think would smell nice from the top, middle and base notes.


This blog was written by Adam Stevens, a men’s fragrance specialist, who also writes for EssentialFragrances, an online shop selling hundreds of popular men’s and women’s perfumes.