Ahlain beautiful people :]

I apologize for not being able to personally write a good informative blog in such a long time, which is why I have been publishing several guest posts by amazing authors and fellow bloggers :), and that is because I have been extremely busy with my studies - which of course always top my priority list. However, one blog post that has been in my mind for a long time now is Fall/Winter makeup trends for this year! and I finally have time to publish it =)

One thing I noticed from the Autumn/Winter shows this year is that there was a variety of trends on the catwalk, which is great because you have so much to choose from! I personally loved three trends that I have been trying for this Autumn/Winter, and today I will share those with you guys, along with a few recommended products that I personally love.

So what makeup trends am I currently loving?

Bold Brows

Bold brows, nothing else. This is one of my all time favorite makeup trends, simply because all you need is bold brows and you're set to go! Perfect your skin with your choice of product (bb cream, concealer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc) and brush your brows into place and fill them in.

Balsam Recommendation: Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil - Click here to purchase! This is my favorite brow pencil, I have been using it for almost a year now. The texture is powdery, but it is applied with a pencil which makes it easier to use. It is available in several shades so you could always find a suitable one for you :)

Dark Lips

Who doesn't love dark lips for winter? Putting on dark lips will save the energy needed to be spent on the eyes! Just apply minimum amount of makeup on your eyes and put on your favorite dark lipstick :) There's no rules, you can choose any color that you like! My personal favorite right now is 'Plum Couture' by Estee Lauder - click here to purchase it!. Estee Lauder also offers several gorgeous dark shades of lipsticks under their 'Pure Color' Long Lasting lipstick collection. I love them all

The Bare Face 

The bare face: the easiest makeup trend!

I love this trend, especially when I feel really lazy and I don't feel like doing 'proper' makeup. All you have to do to achieve the 'bare face' look is to apply a light weight foundation or bb cream - I personally would recommend the Dior bb cream, or if you're looking for a more affordable bb cream: read my review on the Garnier bb cream. If you don't feel confident enough with your skin, then conceal any areas that you think need concealing. To finish this look, just put on your favorite natural pink lipstick or a nude shade that you like. 

Balsam Recommendation:

  Garnier bb cream - click here to purchase!
Dior bb cream - click here to purchase!
Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating lipstick - click here to purchase!

lots of love,