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concealing dark under-eye circles and bags is always a heated topic in the beauty industry, and people are constantly asking about the 'perfect' way to conceal and get rid of the undesired under-eye darkness. There are several ways that you could get rid of the harsh under-eye dark bags, which can be done by changing your lifestyle/diet - which in the long run will help in abolishing dark circles under your eyes - or you can simply cover them using makeup!

Today, I will share with you a few beauty tricks and tips on covering your under-eye circles, and I will also give you some facts about your diet and lifestyle that could help in getting rid of the bags under your eyes!

Why do I have dark circles?

I know that so many of you are tired of being told 'You look tired today' or 'Are you sure you're okay?' because of the under-eye dark circles that you think you can't control. Well, you should know that the layer of skin around our eyes is extremely thin, so what happens underneath the skin, will easily be shown on the outside! 

Most of the time, it is the blood-vessels underneath that layer of skin that causes the dark appearance on the outside, and as for the bags it is most likely the fluid that causes them - in a more scientific terms: it is Osmosis. The blood-vessels and transparency of skin is usually an inherited factor (which we can't do much about), but the fluid intake is something that we can somehow control.
If you are starting to have under-eye circles all of a sudden, that could also be an indication of an allergy reaction, so you should visit your doctor and discuss this issue with him/her. Additionally, If you only experience dark under-eye circles and puffiness during that time of the month, then it could be related to your monthly cycle - in that case, you shouldn't worry much about it.

If you spend your nights crying, or eat a meal with too much salt, you could be doing something extremely wrong for your under-eye area - and it will show through your under-eye bags the next morning! So I suggest you avoid those things. 

Stress and lack of sleep can also be a cause of dark under-eye circles, so make sure you get enough sleep and drink lots of water to prevent your eyes from looking tired and surrounded by dark circles.

How can I get rid of under-eye dark circles/bags? 

Like I said, dark under-eye circles could be inherited - if so, we cannot do much about them - but dark under-eye circles caused by stress or lack of sleep or other factors can certainly be prevented and abolished if you make the right lifestyle changes and add a few healthy stuff to your diet. I talked about a few healthy beauty boosters that can help in getting rid of your under-eye dark circles here! so make sure you read that for more information.

There are certain foods that have been proven to help in evening out your skin tone - including the circles under your eyes - such foods include: broccoli, anything green and leafy, berries, nuts, whole grains, green tea, seafood, etc. You should really replace the unhealthy greasy food with the healthy stuff and I promise you that in time, your skin and under-eye circles will get better.

I have to stress on the following point when attempting to get rid of under-eye puffiness and circles: GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Sleep is a very easy remedy for under-eye circles, so make sure you get enough sleep and try to stay away from anything that could be stressful. You can also try some natural home remedies like cucumber masks and potatoes which are thought to help in decreasing the appearance of the dark circles.

How can I hide my under-eye circles/bags using makeup?

Now for my favorite part :D

There really is nothing you can't do with makeup these days, and hiding your under-eye circles/bags should actually be an easy thing to do ... as long as you have the right tools. I will guide you through it today :)

First of all, you should know that there is no one right way to do this! You should experiment with a variety of products before you settle for the concealer that fits your under-eyes best, and you must also see which tools/brushes can help you with the concealer application.

I will tell you about my experience with under-eye concealing throughout the past two years.

I was first introduced to concealers by the very famous M.A.C studio finish concealer (Click here to purchase it), which I bought when I was relatively new to makeup. I started using it as a 'multi-concealer' - or both for covering blemishes and under-eye darkness - and that honestly was a very bad choice for me! 

While this concealer worked perfectly fine for some of my friends and other make up users that I know, I personally found it rather 'thick' for under the eyes. It covered the blemishes on my skin perfectly, but it was not so good for under the eyes - not for me!
Click here to purchase the Clarins Instant Light brush-on perfecter

After that I switched to Clarins! The instant light concealer that i always tweet, blog, talk about! It is my all time savior. Ever since I started using this concealer, I cannot live without it. The texture of the Clarins instant light concealer is very thin and soft which makes it perfect for daily use under the eyes, also when combined with a soft touch of translucent powder after its application, it will not crease for the entire day! So you do not have to worry about your makeup looking cakey.
As for the tips that I have for you today about concealing under-eye circles / bags:

1) Get a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation

2) Invest in good concealers - I personally love the Instant light brush on perfector by Clarins (shown above)

3) Use the right tools to blend the concealer to make it look natural on your skin

I like to use concealers that are a little lighter than my skin tone, or usual foundation shade. That is because concealers are designed to conceal darker spots or areas on your skin, and if you use a concealer that is a little lighter it would make the job much easier. I think Mario dedivanovic - Kim Kardashian's makeup artist - would agree, because Kim's concealer always looks flawless and she usually applies a lighter concealer under her eyes.

I personally love to use beauty blenders / sponge for applying under eye concealer. Some may prefer using their fingers, which is absolutely fine and works well too! There are some brushes designed for under eye concealer, or you can simply use a fluffy blending brush. Its up to you which tool you like to use for this, you just need to experiment with several things before you settle with one thing :D

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