How men's fashion has influenced female fashion and vice versa

Since the 1900s, men's fashion has influenced women's fashion and vice versa. For example, women started wearing trousers in the Western world shortly after 1900. One of the main reasons for this was that they wore their husband’s trousers while they took on jobs previously assigned to men, and it just took off from there.

From this simple premise, women started to take in their trousers and start to make them tighter and 'skinnier'. Thus, skinny jeans were born. The skinny jeans were then adopted by teenagers and rock bands mainly, and then spread to the mainstream male fashion line, along with slim jeans. These slim jeans still gave the sexy slim look of skinny jeans, but with added room for movement and comfort.

Men's fashion then became more slim line, with the introduction of skinny jeans, slim jeans, fitted tops and skin tight t-shirts, it was apparent that this was the new style not only for well-built men.

Blazers have always traditionally been a male item of clothing to accompany suit trousers and shirts, however, women have started to adopt this as a jacket on it's own, as well as in a suit. This is probably due to the ability that women have to pick and choose between masculine and feminine clothing styles.

Along with blazers, women have adopted the brogue shoe, typically a male dress shoe, it has become more and more casual for male fashion as well as moving over to the women’s fashion scene as a casual item of footwear.

Probably most recently, cardigans have taken a turn from a mainly female style to a more masculine fashion item. With wide leg trousers which show no curves in the leg moving over to the female fashion scene.

Now there has already been an introduction of men's fashion into female fashion. It seems like clothing companies are now actively, purposely providing women with men's clothing as a style. What I'm talking about is boyfriend trousers. Yes, it's a thing. Instead of women who want to wear their boyfriend's trousers just getting a pair or buying a pair of men's trousers online, clothing companies have made trousers for this market. They look exactly the same as men's trousers and cost the same, they're just worn by women.

In conclusion, there have been some successful crossovers, such as brogues, blazers and skinny jeans. However, it is always nice to see a crossover, as it breaks down even more of the barriers between genders.

Written by Adam Stevens - a male fashion enthusiast as well as a writer for JonathanTrumbull, a men’s designer clothes online retailer.