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I got a new idea for a post series while I was asleep - Yes, I do dream about blogging and writing new content for albalsamlife.com - so I decided to start it today, and run it for as long as it takes to finish everything I have in mind about makeup basics :D .. sounds like a good idea right?

In this blog series, I will be posting about building your makeup kit, tips that you will need as a beginner to makeup, and some essentials that you should know (such as terms, tools, etc). I will also be sharing with you my personal favorite makeup brands that I have been using for over 4 years now, as well as methods and tips that have worked for me while learning makeup.

Note that I have never done makeup professionally, or learnt it at school. I basically self studied it, and it became a very important hobby to me so I started doing makeup for some of my close friends and family members.

Makeup Basics Part 1: What brushes do I need?

I know that so many of those who are new to makeup wonder about what makeup brushes to purchase as a beginner. When I started learning about makeup and beauty, I was mostly confused about which brushes to buy to build my makeup kit and since the good brushes were very expensive, I had to be careful when choosing which ones to buy first. 

I believe that brushes are very important when it comes to makeup application because good brushes really make so much difference to the finished look! so I decided to do a miniature guide on this post on what brushes - in my opinion -  you should buy first as a beginner, and brushes that you actually will need in the long term.

Before we get started, I should let you know that in the world of makeup you can experiment with the tools you have in as many different ways as you'd like, so there is no one set rule on how to use each tool or a certain brush, in the end it is always up to you to choose what is most comfortable with you!

But today, I will share with you my personal essentials when it comes to makeup brushes :)

Foundation Brush

MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush - Click here to buy!
I have been using this brush for my liquid foundation for about two years now, and it is amazing when it comes to blending the foundation, making it seem natural. 

Powder Brush

MAC 150 Large Powder Brush - Click here to buy!
This is one of my favorite brushes in my makeup kit, because it is great for more than just one job! I call it my fluffy powder brush and I use it for translucent powder, bronzer and powder blush. My sister also likes to use this brush when contouring her face and jawline using a bronzer. I would recommend this if you are a beginner because you can use it for a variety of things. 

 Eyeshadow Brush

MAC 252 SE Large Shader Brush - Click here to buy!
MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadow Brush 10S - Click here to buy!
This kind of brush will enable you to apply eye shadow all over your eye lid - it is used to apply eye shadow however you want! If you are new to makeup, this is certainly a brush that you should consider buying first :)

The Blending Brush 

MAC '286 Duo Fibre' Blending Brush - Click here to buy!
The blending brush is probably the best investment I ever did when it comes to my makeup kit, it really make so much difference to my makeup application ... and I honestly cannot live without it!

The shape of this brush makes it great for blending eye shadow, giving you a good final look with no harsh edges. This - along with the basic eye shadow brush - are enough, in my opinion, for your eyes. 

The small angled brush

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush - Click here to buy!
If you are bad with liner - like me - then this is a brush you will really need! I tend to use black shadow to line my eyes, because I can never get my liquid liner right (I tend to use Carbon by MAC to do this, along with my favorite small angled brush). It is so much easier to use this brush for precision. 

You can also use this kind of brush to fill in your eye brows using small feathery motion :) so it is a multi-task brush.

The Lip brush

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Brush #3N - Click here to buy!

To tell you the truth, when I was new to makeup I didn't really think I would need a lip brush, because I thought applying lipstick directly would be easy and the most convenient way to do it. But, recently I started making it a habit to use a brush for applying my lipstick, and it made so much difference to the lasting and finished look of my lips. 

A flat lip brush like the Make Up For Ever #3N is a very good lip brush to help you with your lipstick application :)

In the end, I think you should all take some time to experiment with different type of brushes so you can find the ones that you would like to keep in your kit forever! I also would like to advice you to invest in good brushes. 

lots of love,