I am writing a very personal blog post today. I am not going to spill beauty secrets, or write anything about 
what you should add to your wardrobe – this is not like the other beauty and fashion posts that I have previously written on albalsamlife.com. Today, I am going to share a very personal piece of news with my loved blog readers.

Yes, the title says it all: I am moving to the Netherlands!!

First of all, I'd like to explain that this big step in my life will affect my blog and how often I will be able to blog, which is the reason why I wanted to share this news with everybody interested in albalsamlife.com.

Some of you may know this – and if you don't, you'll know now: I am moving to the Netherlands to continue my education, in the field of Advanced Technology. It will be a very tough but exciting time of my life, which means I will not be able to prioritize my blog over my studies and will therefore blog less often. I have written a draft for my blog's schedule (which I will share soon on the 'About' page), so I keep my timetable organized and to make sure that I will be able to blog at least once a week.

I have so many ideas for new post series, and I will certainly be sharing with you all my memorable experiences while I'm in the Netherlands (I am so excited, especially because this will be my first time in the Netherlands). I also plan to travel to so many places that I have never been to before, and I will be focusing on street fashion/beauty and will definitely visit some great places that will be very memorable to me as a fashion blogger. My goal is to show through albalsamlife.com how fashion/beauty changes around the globe and how fashion is present everywhere, and not just in the clothes we wear. So make sure you follow =)

There is one more thing that I wanted to spill out for a very long time now.

This past year, since I graduated high school, my life has been transformed up to 180 degrees. It has been a crazy ride and I've changed so much as an individual, I have lost important people in my life, I lost so many friends, relationships were formed and some have changed – some to the better, and some to the worse. I have made mistakes, accepted them and learnt from them and they have made me who I am today. I lived a year full of adventure, I loved so many beautiful souls, and met amazing figures who helped shaping who I am right at this moment.

Thank you all, if you're reading this … then you are special to me :)

lots of love,