Hey :D

If you are a continuous reader of my blog, you would know that ever since I graduated high school I started having some skin problems and started developing some acne. I tried so many different things that I wrote a few posts about - like the Clinique anti-blemish kit - which helped, but did not completely abolish the problems that I was facing. 

Recently, my sister returned from Germany with a remedy that is thought to be 'Acne's worst nightmare', as my sister explained. I decided to give it a try and see what happens, and I honestly cannot be happier!!
So what is it that gave me hope that I could have good skin again?

It's the old fashioned Flaxseed oil :)

Yes, Flaxseeds are often called 'the most powerful plant foods on the planet' for a very good reason, not only they are amazing for reducing the risk of having cancer, strokes or any other heart diseases, but they are also great for your physical appearance too and will contribute to getting rid of your acne or other skin problems that you might be having difficulties with. 

I have read several researches about the benefits of taking in flaxseed oil via your diet - like adding the oil to your salad - which is very helpful if you want to get rid of acne, but I personally decided to try it topically and apply it directly onto the affected areas, and to tell you the truth ... I was shocked because the acne scars started to disappear after 4 continuous days of using the oil!!! I started getting compliments from my family telling me that my skin is really becoming better and better. I am now more confident with going out without makeup, as my skin really improved tremendously.

If you are interested in using Flaxseed oil for your acne, you can continue reading to find out my exact skin care routine when using this oil (Note that as soon as I find a reliable link to buy this oil online, I will post it here)

  1.  I cleanse my face using the foaming cleanser from the Clinique Anti-blemish kit
  2. Tone my face using the toner from the Clinique Anti-blemish kit
  3. Moisturize my face using the moisturizer from the Clinique Anti-blemish kit
  4. I make sure my face remains moisturized throughout the day
  5. I wash my face using the Clinique Anti-blemish foaming cleanser at night before going to bed
  6. I apply Flaxseed oil using circular motions on the affected areas before sleeping
  7. Wake up and repeat :D

Note that I make sure to keep the face moisturized throughout the day because Flaxseed oil can be a little drying. If you would like to purchase the Clinique acne kit, you can find a link on the sidebar. 

In the end, you could try experimenting with the oil by adding it to your diet - however, I would recommend that you ask your doctor about this before changing anything in your diet - and of course what could work for me, may not work for you! so don't give up and continue trying new natural things that wouldn't harm your skin. For me, I think Flaxseed oil has been the best thing I tried for my acne so far and it really is working extremely well, and yes I tried hundreds of things before this! non of them worked 100%. 

Be patient, keep experimenting and learn to accept your skin flaws before trying to abolish them, because the psychological factor really plays an integral role in the healing of skin problems. Trust me :)

lots of love,