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Hello beautiful people :]

Happy Sunday :)

Today I decided to share with you 9 of my favorite foods that boost your beauty! .. I would swear by these few foods, they are really great beauty boosters that have worked for me for the past few years and I would certainly recommend that you add them on your diet, especially for those having problems with their hair and skin.

First of all, I'd like to really stress the following point:

What you eat and what you put into your body will really influence the way you look from the outside.

My mother always told me this as I grew up, but only recently I started realizing how important a healthy diet is when wanting a good skin and healthy looking hair! So from this I have learnt that what's inside your body will certainly be revealed by the way you look on the outside.

Another thing that I also would like to say before giving you the details on the super foods shown above, is the importance of drinking water. You MUST stay hydrated. Your skin needs water for it to stay looking youthful, glowy and wrinkle-free,  make sure you drink enough water! 

So what are my 9 favorite beauty foods?


Who doesn't love some tea? 

I have some good news for all you tea lovers out there! ... All types of tea have antioxidants that are great for your skin, but certain types of tea - like green tea - are a little bit better than other types of tea since they happen to have double the antioxidants present on normal black tea. 

Ever since I read this fact about tea, I no longer feel guilty when drinking tea - unlike before. Another good thing about tea is that you can also apply it directly on your hair to boost your natural hair color. The same goes for coffee!! I tried it before and it really works :D


Broccoli is one of my favorite foods of all time! I always make sure we have broccoli at home, because not only it is so delicious, but it is one of the foods richest in Vitamin K which is a vitamin that helps in the prevention of under eye bags or dark circles on the skin. 

So how does this work?

Vitamin K basically promotes healthy and natural blood clotting on the body, so it prevents the formation of unwanted blood clotting under the eye area, which makes the dark circles disappear for good!! ... of course there are other factors that contribute to the formation of dark under eye circles, such as stress and lack of sleep, but broccoli helps in decreasing those dark areas. 


Strawberries have many properties that can help with your beauty, and can be applied externally to help or simply by eating them. 

One of the uses of strawberries is teeth whitening! and yes it works. All you have to do is literally rub a small piece of strawberry on your teeth, and if you do that regularly you will soon notice a positive change in the color of your teeth.

As for eating the strawberries, this is also great for you since they contain Vitamin C which is very good for protecting your skin against environmental damage - which prevents the formation of wrinkles in the long run, and keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy. 


Oranges are also a very rich source of Vitamin C which is a very important vitamin for the skin's elasticity and general health. 

If you eat an orange a day you will help preventing the forming of wrinkles at a later age, so make sure you get your dose of Vitamin C from an Orange!

Sweet Potatoes 

I love sweet potatoes! 

I must admit that at first, I only starting eating sweet potatoes because I heard that they're a great source for Vitamin A which prevents your skin from looking dull, but I actually enjoyed it and the taste really grew in me. Now, I absolutely love it :D

Vitamin A, which is available in sweet potatoes helps with the forming of new skin cells which therefore replace the dead cells that could cause the skin to appear 'dull'. Eating sweet potatoes regularly and including it on your diet throughout the year will help in making your skin appear much healthier!

Pumpkin Seeds

Okay, enough talk about the skin. Let me share with you my favorite food for the hair!! I have seen this so many times on so many books, websites and magazines ... people have sworn that pumpkin seeds are the best food for the hair!! and I couldn't agree more :D

I like to call pumpkin seeds the 'beauty vitamins treasure', simply because it has a very good mixture of vitamins that are needed for a healthy and clean scalp, which in time will give you gorgeous and healthy hair!! but it will need time. Be patient. 


Yogurt is one of my favorite beauty foods, and I use it for so many different things. I love to eat yogurt, but I also love to apply it on my face as a facial mask and it works both ways! Let me tell you exactly why Yogurt is one of my favorite beauty food:

Yogurt is full of protein which is great for dieting as it fills you up, and thus make you lose weight and stay at a healthy weight range. It also contains amino acids which - like the broccoli - help in abolishing dark circles under your eyes.  

As for directly applying it on your skin, Yogurt has antibacterial properties that will help you to deeply cleanse your skin and therefore get rid of unwanted excess oils. It is also known that Yogurt is a natural bleacher so it will help in brightening up any dark spots you have on your skin, and it has been used for acne treatments all over the world (I personally tried it when I had acne problems and it helped!!). I do, however, advise you to put it only on affected areas since it does lighten the skin which could make you look extremely pale - and some of you may not want that!


I am a little bit obsessed with having good skin, so here's another food that will boost your skin beauty: Watermelons!!

I love watermelons on a hot summer day, and the good thing about it is that it is very rich in vitamins and nutrients that fights signs of aging on the skin. I don't know about you, but I always eat the watermelon seeds ... and I recently found out that the seeds are good suppliers of zinc and Vitamin C, which are also great for your skin.


Okay this might sound weird, but my family is Egg crazy. Literally :) ... everybody in our house loves to have eggs, my sister actually eats eggs every single day.

Why do I love eggs and consider it a super beauty food?

Like Yogurt, eggs can also be used in a variety of ways for beauty. You can use egg whites with salt to exfoliate your skin, but if you find that a little gross you can just eat the eggs for good skin! 

Eggs also have protein which is very important for healthy hair and hair growth, so eating eggs will certainly promote hair growth and shine. You could also apply eggs directly on your hair, which is great for the hair! but I personally wouldn't recommend it because it will leave your hair smelling ... well, disgusting. You will have to wash it with shampoo a couple of times which could be drying. 

So that's it, those are my current favorite foods that are beauty boosters. Let me know your favorites :D I'd love to try some new things, and see if they work.

lots of love,