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Today I am going to write a review on the Chanel 'Les 4 Ombres' Palette, that I have purchased approximately one month ago in two different types/shades. 
Here are the basic details about this palette:

  • Price: $59.00 (available on the Chanel online store here)
  • Available on 15 different shades
  • Each Palette comes with 4 different colors
  • 2 small basic eye shadow brushes come with each palette
  • Comes with a small bag to hold the palette
  • Relatively small in size
  • Dermatologist tested

I have purchased two of the Chanel 'Les 4 Ombres' palette - one shown above which is shade '47 Dunes' and another one in shade '29 Lagons' - and I am very impressed with this product! Although it was pricey, I generally think it was worth the price because of its various usability, as well its long-wearing formula that works even on extremely hot climates, which is exactly what I need when living here in Oman.

I decided to break down today's review into two parts. 'How Can it be worn' will focus on the application of the shadows, and how differently it could be work from day to night. I will also be explaining the different methods that can be used to apply the shadows to give you different results. 'Why would I recommend it'? ... here I will be telling you guys exactly why I would suggest that you buy this product, and under which circumstances.

How can it be worn

This palette literally offers unlimited looks for your eyes, and can be used in a variety of ways to give different results. 

One way to wear the eye shadows on this palette is by using them normally (dry) using the brushes provided or any desired shadow brush, to create a soft look with the colors of the palette. You can also choose whether you want to use the matte shadows or the shimmery ones, as the palette provides two types of eye shadow, or you can use them both together and blend them well! The colors give excellent shading when blended well together. 

Another way that you could wear the shadows on the palette is by dampening them slightly - which could be done by dampening the brush - to give a more intensified result for an evening look. 

Why would I recommend it

I would certainly recommend the 'Les 4 Ombres' palette  because of its long lasting property, its ability to give a variety of eye shadow looks that can be worn day to evening.

My sister Salsabil also suggested that this palette would be perfect for holiday makeup, since it is light and small which makes it easy to carry around in your travel makeup bag. It also gives daytime looks (using the lighter shades) and you can easily switch to an evening look by using the darker two shades available on the palette, so I certainly would recommend it for travel - especially shades '36 intuition', 43 mystere' or '32 lilium' since they look more neutral.  

As for the downside? .. I really cannot find anything other than the fact that it is a little bit expensive, and as an alternative to this type of palette, I would recommend the Avon 4 color shadow palette. I own the mocha smokey eye 4 color palette by Avon and it does a very good job too :) I really cannot live without it.

lots of love,