Ahlain beautifuls :]

I tweeted about three weeks ago that in July there are so many important birthdays of so many people that I love and admire, and take as an inspiration. Tim Gunn is one of them.

Although I only admire and feel inspired by Tim Gunn from a far, I still feel that it is very special for me as a fan to post a whole new post only for the purpose of celebrating his big 60th birthday, since he has inspired me so much when it comes to fashion & style.

Tim Gunn - an American fashion consultant and educator - is one of the reasons why I love watching 'Project Runway', his mentor ship and existence in the show makes it so much better! Today I will share with you Gunn's most memorable quotes and my personal favorites, that have managed to teach me so much about fashion and style, as well as inspiring me to be in the fashion entrepreneurship and industry in the future.

"But if fashion were easy, wouldn't everybody look great?"
This quotation has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that being part of this industry will not be easy, just like everything else. It's a whole process, a whole new world - starting from design, fabrics, materials, measurements, layering, sewing, stitching ... and the list goes on.

“I believe that treating other people well is a lost art.” 
Tim Gunn focuses on manners and treating others well, as he commented on things that are as simple as holding the doors to people entering behind you. He definitely believes that being 'fashionable' and 'elegant' comes from the soul and the way you act. Your personality could be a form of art too, not just the way you dress. 

"Life is not a solo act. It's a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife."
This quote always brings tears to my eyes ... why?

Because it reminds me of every single person I care about, who has helped me in making the person I am today, and will certainly continue to take part in shaping who I become in the future - as they will always contribute to making me feel happy. I have always believed that as long as you keep the right people around you, you are good to go. Focus on those who bring out the best out of you, you will be happy and very successful.

 "Everyone has a best feature, so find clothes and accessories to accentuate those, whether it's your shoulders or your long legs!"
Since Tim Gunn is a fashion consultant, I had to include a quote that I have always believed in ever since I knew what the word 'fashion' means. It takes time to figure out your own sense of style and what looks best on you, but continue looking for that one physical feature that you love the most and own it!

"Make it work"
This is one of my favorite phrases by Tim Gunn! I love how he is very straight forward when it comes to what he asks for. He is always continuously saying it when trying to help fashion designers or when educating on fashion. It is all about making something good and wearable! Just make it work!! Simple.

lots of love,