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It's summertime!! and with the hot days/nights in July, you should certainly have some beauty products that are - what I call - 'summer-friendly' :)
I live in an extremely hot country, and during summer it can be very humid so I am always forced to change my beauty and skin-care regimen for each season, and it changes dramatically during summer due to the extremely hot weather this time of the year.
For today's beauty picks, I decided to share with you some beauty products that helped me get through the hot summer days in Oman, and would be perfect for you too for this seaosn :D

Tinted Moisturizer

A Tinted moisturizer is a good substitute to foundation during summer, this is because it is very light on your skin and provides little coverage so it leaves a very natural finish. I heard some positive feedback on the Limited edition Moisture Tint by Marks & Spencer so I had to try it, and it is actually very good! It is also affordable and works well for summer. The only disadvantage is that it is available for limited skin tones.

Primer or Complexion perfecter

A primer is a product that many are not aware of. A primer basically works as a base on your skin that you apply before starting your regular makeup routine, and it works well for summer because it prevents your makeup from creasing and helps making your makeup last longer, so you don't have to worry about touch ups. 

Pay attention to your SPF

Pay attention to your Sun protection factor!! It is summer, so it is only normal that the sun will be shining, and sun exposure - especially at noon - can be damaging to your skin. This is why you should find a suitable sun screen that offers high protection for your skin during this time of the year, to avoid any sun burn or damage. I personally have been using the Clarins Day screen (SPF 40) for a couple of years now, and before that I tried different sun screen creams but they disappointed me, but when I found this one - shown on the image above - I was happy with the product and it provides very good protection from the sun we have here in Oman.


Just like the tinted moisturizer, the highlighter is also a product that not many know about. To tell you the truth, I only started using highlighters recently and I am still learning on the best techniques when using a highlighter and still in the process of experimenting with different brands. 

I am currently into the Shiseido highlighter - shown above - and I am more than satisfied with it. It is really good and comes with a small brush, making its application very easy for amateur makeup users. 

Using a highlighter with your usual makeup routine will make your skin look more youthful and glowy, which is what we all want for summer.

If you are new to highlighters and would like to request more information on how to use a highlighter or what a highlighter is, then feel free to send me your questions and I will be more than happy to answer. 


This is self explainatory. Every single girl I know is Labello obsessed, it is my all time favorite moisture tint for the lips, and is suitable for all seasons! especially summer :D

Light Moisturizer

One of the very common mistakes that girls do during summer is not moisturize their skin, attempting to avoid any unwanted 'shiny' parts on the skin. I understand that! but you should NEVER stop moisturizing your skin, even when its hot and humid during dummer!

I would suggest you switch to a lighter moisturizer. I personally use two types of moisturizers, one is slightly more oily and heavy for winter time, and a lighter one - the right one on the image above - for the rest of the year, and this is because my skin changes throughout the year. 

I really love moisturizers from Clarins, and I have been using them for quite some time now and they do a perfect job moisturizing my skin throughout the year, you just have to know which one to pick and when to pick it up! The image above shows two of the Clarins moisturizers that I like to use during summertime.

You can click Here to purchase the Clarin HydraQuench Cream.

Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is an absolute neccessity for me all around the year! and it never leaves my makeup bag during summer. 
Translucent powder is used to set the makeup - like liquid foundation and concealer - in place, and prevent if from creasing. It also prevents the undesired 'shiny' areas from forming, which makes it an essential for your beauty this summer! I strongly recommend the M.A.C Prep and Prime translucent powder, it is slightly pricey but it lasts for a really long time and does an amazing job.

If you are interested in buying the MAC transulcent powder, you can find it Here!

Bright lipsticks 'or' visible shadows

This is also self explanatory, I am really into colored bold lips and visible shadows for summer. Summer is all about having fun and experimenting with different styles, and what better way to have fun with your makeup than to add some color?

I love to use colored Kohl pencils because they are much easier to use and quicker since they do not need blending, and some actually come with a smudging brush at the end which makes them handy.

If you are wondering about the images shown above, they are my all from my personal makeup bag, and here are the details:

  1.  Colored Kohl pencils by essence in '11 cool breeze' and Flormar in 'Glittering star eyeliner'
  2. Those eye shadows are by Kiko Cosmetics 'number 22922' and Flormar in 'love connection Terracotta eye shadow'
  3. Lipstick by Artdeco shade number 16
  4. Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, shade is 04 from the Rouge Pur Couture collection
  5. Chanel lipstick, shade is number 80 named 'Suspense'.

Let me know what your summer favorite beauty products are!! 

lots of love,
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