Garnier BB Cream in Light and Clarins Everlasting Foundation
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One of the questions that I always get asked by friends, family and even some of my readers is: what is the difference between Foundation and BB cream? .. 
The BB cream has been becoming increasingly popular since last year, and many other products started appearing like CC cream, and now there is a DD cream available!! (which I will blog about if I ever decide to try them - but for now please check out my fellow beauty blogger Hannah Bella's blog 'Bella Girls Beauty' as she is planning to post a review on the DD cream). But for now, I am personally only familiar with the BB Cream. 
Back to the main point of this blog post: THE DIFFERENCES!!

  • Coverage & How to use

When I was first introduced to the BB cream, I noticed that the amount of coverage the BB cream gives is much lighter than the thick coverage the foundation usually gives, which makes the BB cream great for daily use and times where you want to have a relatively good skin, but still go light with your makeup. I tend to use BB creams when I have some work to do, when I'm at school or when it's a hot summer day and foundation would be heavy for my skin. In addition to the light coverage of the BB cream - making it perfect for daily use - it is also designed to be applied directly by fingers, so no need for any fancy equipment! which is not always the case for foundation.

 One key point that also distinguishes the foundation and BB cream is the fact that a BB cream can be worn alone and would look perfectly fine for all day, while a foundation may look a little 'lonely' and weird if worn alone without, for instance, a primer before applying the foundation or powder afterwards. A BB cream has what i'd like to call a 'built-in primer', so there is no need to wear anything with the BB cream. You may need to use some concealer to cover certain areas since the BB cream doesn't cover them up very well.

  • What's in it?
The BB cream is originally made for medical purposes to benefit those facing problems with scars caused by plastic surgery and other health reasons, because it is thought that it has the ability to lightly cover and heal the scarring. After a while, the BB cream started to make it big in the cosmetic world and beauty industry. 

The fact that the BB cream is meant to be medical, it is built to also take care of your skin and not only cover up some flaws lightly. A BB cream is moisturizing and is designed to help your skin become better in the long run, while foundation has one main purpose: cover up flaws! 

The BB cream would also normally contain higher SPF value, so it does a good job protecting your skin from the sun. This is why I would recommend you start using a BB cream for hot summer days :D

Some foundations may have some skin care abilities, but the BB cream is designed for this purpose, which makes it somehow outweigh the foundation, but you should remember that the BB cream provides only light coverage! while the foundation is pretty good at covering flaws. 

  • Where to find them? and What is available?
Foundations are all over the place!!! Almost every cosmetics brand makes foundations, so it is very easy to find the perfect foundation to match your skin tone. On the other hand, the BB cream is relatively new in this industry so not everybody makes a BB cream, which makes it available only with certain shades. 

I personally would recommend the new Clarins BB cream because I have tried it before and it blends very well on the skin, but it has a high SPF so it was more of a sun protection product than a BB cream to me. Many also recommended I go for the Dior BB cream, which is also relatively new! but I currently have a very affordable Garnier BB cream which is also great, but not very good for oily skin. 

In the end, just try to go with whatever makes you feel comfortable! I personally have both on my makeup collection, because I use a BB cream (Garnier which is very affordable, but I have tried a more expensive one by Clarins which is also great) for day to day makeup and a foundation (Clarins Everlasting Foundation) for more special occasions or when I feel 'spotty' XD .. so you should experiment with both to see which one you like to use more.

If you are interested in purchasing the Clarins Everlasting foundation, click here! It is currently my favorite. Also, if you would like to try the Garnier bb cream, you can find it here! I would recommend it for those with normal - dry skin.

lots of love,