Dear Mr. McQueen,

I am writing this blog post with the hopes that I can finally express my gratitude for everything that you have done in the fashion industry, the inspiration that you have given me, and most importantly the life that you have spent dedicating your time to your love for creating pieces that would make the fashion industry more beautiful.

"Fame should be left to the film stars", that is something you have done even though you deserved to be highly recognized while you were physically present in this world. To me, it was like you had a purpose in life that you strongly believed in, which was to make stunning clothing that flatter the human body without asking for something in return, not even fame and glory. You came, lived, loved and created. It is something that I personally would love to see myself doing in my life time: Live, love and create. 

Personally, I believe that you are the reason behind the new era in fashion which follows no rules. No rules at all, just a creation derived from emotions, deep thoughts and expression. If I was asked "what would you want to do in 10 years time?" or even "50 years time?" ... I would reply without any hesitation: "I want to create with freedom." with McQueen on my mind. 

In addition to your enormous contribution to the industry, you were able to inspire many aspiring young designers and become a role model. Being a role model is not an easy job for sure, and that is why I admire you. You knew what you wanted to do since the age of 12, and paved a path towards your goal since then.   You have taught me very important lessons that I intend to follow through my journey to making it big with fashion, I will do as you have done and said but with a touch of my personality. I will think about my goals, educate myself and set a live vision that I will hopefully reach. Just like you.

When it comes to fashion, I can say without any doubts that your creations are certainly on the top of my list of 'most beautiful fashion designs', and they will remain there forever. You mixed elegance with the wild very well, and I could clearly see that through your designs. To me, you design for a very elegant, classy woman who is not afraid to express her wilderness along with her elegance and class. You also took some designs to the extreme, which is something very few designers can master. I could instantly distinguish an Alexander McQueen design from a pile of other designs, because you were able to create an image for yourself that only you know how to portray.

Alexander McQueen now? ... In my view the brand is still alive, although you are no longer here. I hope it continues to provide what you have began for many years to come, so in the future I can show my own family the creations from a brand that inspired me to hopefully become the person I am then. 

I still think it is a shame that you went too fast, but the time you spent here was extremely valuable to everyone in the fashion industry.

lots of love,