My favorite thing about summer fashion is certainly bold accessories. I personally love wearing white during summertime, and I always tell my sister that the absence of color on clothes during summer is always a great idea, because that way you can always experiment with bold and colorful accessories! Accessories would include bags, belts, rings, bangles and so on. 

For today's style pick, I decided to share with you how I love to style my bold and statement accessories, not only for summer but in general :)

 As I have stated earlier, I love absence of color in clothes. I am very rarely seen wearing colorful clothes or funky patterns - don't get me wrong, I love patterns! I just don't wear them often - but when it comes to my accessories, I really love bold and sophisticated looking pieces, that draw attention (like the one shown on the image above, and I apologize but I really can't remember where I got that ring from). 

If I was to give you my humble advice on wearing bold statement pieces of jewelry or accessories, I would tell you to not go crazy! If you decide to go for strong colored accessories, I would suggest you highlight them by keeping your clothing a little lower. So an 'all black everything' look would be perfectly fine to combine with bold accessories that would turn heads, all white is great too :) ... that's just my humble opinion, but everybody's style is different.

This year, I am really into spiky stuff, I love studs on my shoes, jewelry or even bags! I think they look fierce, and completely transform an outfit to the next level, making a feminine outfit seem FIERCE!!

I put together a few colored and bod pieces of accessories that I think would look great:

lots of love,