How to take a compliment like a PRO?

I love compliments!! ... but who doesn't? - as long as they're sincere of course :D

I think compliments are very great for becoming closer to people. People would begin to slightly like you if you give them a good compliment! Giving compliments is an art on it's own, but today ... I decided to share my thoughts on TAKING the compliments. Yes, there is a guide that I follow :)

First of all, you should know that the following tips that I share are written by ME, and they are just tips that I personally follow. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with what I write, it's a free world.


Smiles are very important to me. I'm a very smiley person, I love smiling and I smile frequently. I also like it when people smile at me, and there is a Hadith in Islam that says "Your smile for your brother is charity" so that is also a reason why I try my best to smile as much as I can. 

As for when taking compliments, I think the best reaction is to smile first! I think a smile is an automatic 'reflex' after receiving a compliment, because compliments are flattering and when a person feels flattered, they tend to automatically smile :) .. so a smile will be a very PRO way to take a compliment ;)

Don't forget your manners!

This one is pretty straightforward and very cute! My second tip is to never forget to thank the person for complimenting you, it's very obvious right? 

I think that thanking people after receiving a compliment will only attract more compliments to you, so be genuine and don't forget to say 'Thank you' after your fabulous smile.

Be confident, not cocky.

There's a very fine line between being perceived as confident, and being seen as a cocky person! .. and nobody wants the latter :/ .. I think that the way you take compliments from people can easily show your level of confidence!

You should love yourself enough to accept the compliment, without being too shy or saying 'Oh no, I don't think that's true" because - to me - that shows lack of confidence! just accept the compliment, smile, thank the person and be happy about it :) 

Another thing that people - including myself - sometimes do when being complimented is point a flaw in ourselves, does that make sense? For example, if I received a compliment from somebody at a time where I feel slightly down about my body image or about myself in general, I would say 'Thank you' but then I would turn the conversation into something I dislike about myself. It actually happened to me during a time where my skin was in a good condition, and when people complimented me for that, I would sometimes say "thank you, but I think I need a little more tan" ... and looking back at it now, I really wish I didn't say that because it only showed lack of confidence. 

Compliment back!

If you love compliments, so does the person who complimented you!! so make sure you compliment people sincerely, and when you think something is nice, don't forget to speak loud about your thoughts!! giving compliments back is certainly the best way to take a compliment :D .. spread the love.

So take the compliment like a pro, and love it!!

lots of love,