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Time for another beauty pick from Balsam. This time, I have decided to share with you my all time favorite Mascaras and tips on applying them, since I get many questions about how I get my eye lashes to appear extremely long and thick.

Before I start introducing you to my favorite Mascaras and the occasions of using them - yes I do tend to use different mascaras on different occasions - I would like to tell you a little bit more about what I have learnt throughout the years of using makeup about eye lashes and mascaras in general.

First of all: your eyelashes are very very important, since they will certainly receive attention from the people you make eye contact with and talk to, so it is important that you take good care of them. Taking care of your eyelashes includes buying good products for them, and treating them very gently.

Investing in a good Mascara is absolutely worth it, which is why - right now - the most expensive thing in my makeup bag is normally my Mascara (and my translucent powder of course) but in general, the Mascara takes a lot of my money, and for a very good reason. I also like to take good care of my eyelashes, which can be done easily by making sure you never sleep with Mascara on, cleanse them well, and use some oils to condition them and protect them. I personally love using Castor oil on my lash line to make them stronger, thicker and darker (and yes it really works you just have to be patient). I am also very careful when choosing my daily Mascara, because I will be using it frequently so I should make sure that it will not do damage to my lashes, so choosing your daily mascara is also very important.

So to begin with, let me introduce you to my favorite everyday mascara that I have been using for almost 2 years now, and I am absolutely in love with it:

The Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black 

There's a reason why I trust this Mascara to be used frequently on my lashes, first of all it is a normal mascara (not waterproof) so I don't have to worry about it drying out my lashes. I NEVER, EVER trust waterproof mascaras, they work horribly on my lashes and they dry them out completely. 

The rich formula of this Clarins mascara is what makes it suitable for frequent mascara users because it has a conditioner for the eye lashes, which prevents them from getting damaged from frequent use of the Mascara. I have been using this mascara frequently for the last 2 years and my eye lashes have gotten better!!! The fibre brush is also great because it really reached the roots of the eye lashes, and also great for shorter bottom lashes as well :]

 I strongly recommend this.

This is how it makes my lashes appear:


As for my special occasions and parties, I like super thick, long and curled eye lashes, which is why I love using the Lancome hypnose for such occasions.

The Lancome hypnose also protects the eye lashes, so there is no need to think about any damage to the gorgeous lashes! It also is great for lengthening the lashes. I applied the Lancome Hypnose for a recent wedding that I attended, and look how much it changed my eye lashes (no false lashes worn):

Note that it also works great with a smokey eye, I never use false eye lashes! simply because I am not comfortable with them, but with such Mascara there really is no need for the falsies, even when you're wearing a dramatic smokey eye.

I also would like to mention the Diorshow extase and Diorshow blackout mascaras, which I have purchased twice before and I loved using!! They are also great for thickening the eye lashes, but nothing beats the Hypnose for the extra length. 

In addition to choosing a good Mascara, I believe that it is important to also have an eye lash curler in hand! I recently bought a very cheap eye-lash curler from The Body Shop (and no I don't usually buy cosmetics from there, but this eye-lash curler works great):

It really makes a difference when you curl your eyelashes before applying your Mascara :)

I hope these picks that I chose are good for you, and I strongly recommend you'd try them. Great products :D