I have previously mentioned that I have been struggling with skin for the last 4 months or so, and my skin has never been this bad before, which is really making me feel down and emotionally upset because I really take good care of my skin! 

During high school, I always got compliments on my skin from my friends and family, and while my friends had skin problems and trouble fighting acne, I was fortunate enough to have no major skin problems (except sudden minor breakout on that time of the month). However, as soon as I graduated high school, I started facing acne problems and my skin started getting worse! and what's bad is the fact that everybody else has gotten over their 'high school skin problems', and now I have to face them 'alone' -.- ...

I tried so many things, including natural home remedies like yogurt masks, and extra virgin olive oil, and other Omani remedies. They did help! they were not absolutely useless, but my skin is still not back to it's original state, which depressed me. I was no longer able to leave the house without wearing makeup! I felt very conscious about my skin, and I thought that everybody would stare at me because of my bad skin.

One thing that I know has helped a little is yogurt masks! I applied yogurt every single day for about 3 months, and it worked great for the acne scars, but it was making my skin paler and paler which is not something I wanted, and everybody started commenting about how pale my skin is (which honestly did get to me because comments were getting meaner and meaner). So I started to use yogurt only on the acne scares, and it did help brighten them up, but did not get rid of them completely.

I visited a doctor, and purchased a few medications that were a total failure and would never recommend them to anybody! 

A friend back in high school has recommended Clinique products for daily care of skin and she swore by it, so I thought maybe it's the time for me to consider switching to Clinuque to get my good skin back.

I visited a local store, and had a conversation with one of the workers at Clinique, and she suggested I start using the 4 - 6 week anti-blemish kit that is specifically designed to - obviously - fight blemishes!!! so i purchased it, and here is what I think about it:

Introduction to the kit:

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The anti-blemish kit comes with three products: a Foam cleanser, a Toner and a moisturizer that fights blemishes. Step one is to cleanse the face with the foaming cleanser, which deeply cleanses the skin and gives a very soft finish - not drying. The cleanser is then followed by the toner which is applied onto a cotton pad and used on the skin and the neck area to deeply cleanse and remove any dirt that was not removed by the cleanser, which leaves the skin ready for the moisturizer. The moisturizer in the kit is relatively small, so you need to use it in very tiny amounts - and honestly you only need a thin layer over the affected areas only - so it could last for the entire 4 - 6 weeks, along with the other two products.

The kit can be used once a day, but it is best to use it twice a day for quicker results. I personally use it twice a day, and I think it is much better to use it twice a day (AM and PM) because it is a better routine for cleansing the skin and I love waking up and sleeping with perfectly cleansed face. 

Here is a week review of my observations from the start of using this system:

Day 1 : I have used the products the previous night, and I woke up feeling that my face is deeply cleansed and fresh. After using it again in the morning and night of the first day, I can tell that the results will be positive.

Day 2 : In the second day of using this system, I felt slight dryness on my forehead, however, the product was working well in making my skin feel soft in other areas, and seems to be already making a positive difference to the blemishes. I am excited to see the results after the first week of use.

Day 3 : My skin feels deeply cleansed (again), however I have not noticed much difference.

Day 4 : My skin no longer feels dry, but I have not noticed much different since Day 2.

Day 5 : I cannot see any noticeable difference to the blemishes (acne scars), I do however feel like the bumps and pimples have almost disappeared leaving only the scars.

Day 6 : The blemishes and acne scarring is slowly fading, and my skin feels soft in most areas.

Day 7 : Not much difference since day 6, but I am more happy with my skin now since it is making a very noticeable progress since the start of this system.

So after only a short period of time - one week - you really do start to see a big difference when using this 3 step anti-blemish system.

In the end, I would recommend this kit to all those facing minor skin breakout, or continuous blemishes that appear once in a while. However, if you are facing severe acne problems all over your skin, I do think it is best to seek a dermatologist's help and purchase stronger remedies, which can then be followed by this system to maintain a perfect skin.