أهلييين :)

It's spring! which means summer is just around the corner to me :D .. which means, new makeup! and more shopping :)

My sisters and I tend to do two major makeup shopping a year, which is the turning point between fall/winter and spring/summer, only because the makeup changes dramatically from these two - what i call - fashion seasons. I do stick to certain products throughout the year, but I love changing and mixing different styles that represent the season, as an example: bright lips for spring! and nudes for winter (as seen this year!)..

I have a few goodies that I would like to share with you today, with a simple review about each product (since most of them I have purchased for the first time so I do not know them very well). 

I bought from YSL, Estee Lauder, Chanel and Dior, which are honestly in my list of favorite cosmetic brands to buy from! ... and it was surprising to not see any Clarins in there XD since I am totally obsessed with Clarins.

Starting from Chanel:

I have seen the Chanel Ombre pallets around for a while now, but I never tried them because I thought it would be better to stick with the make-up pallets that I always use, which are normally by YSL or Avon. However, I am already loving these Chanel Ombre four color pallets, and would recommend them for anybody with minor knowledge in make-up, or anybody with little time, as they organize the colors that you should use for you, and you would not need anything else to go with the pallet (no extra shadows), as the four colors are a perfect combination. 

As for the working lady, I think these work great because the pallet is small, you can carry it around with you, it comes with essential mini brushes, the shadow stays perfectly in place all day, so there is no need to worry about your makeup becoming messy during the working day! I personally would not use these pallets for everyday, as they are in my opinion designed for the perfect smokey eye that should not be worn on a day to day basis. 

Another Chanel item that I have been reeaaallly into is the Chanel N. 5 fragrance. It smells sooo fresh! and is certainly a perfume that I would continue buying for my entire life time!!

I personally love the scent for being at home, because the smell is so fresh and it is great for after the shower and before going to sleep, just like what Marilyn Monroe did!! She said she wears "Chanel N. 5, of course" to bed.

Many of the people I know are not a fan of this fragrance, because they say it "smells like baby soap", but that's exactly the reason why I love it XD

Enough from Chanel. Another one of my all time favorite brands to shop from for makeup is Yves Saint Laurent, they have the most amazing makeup products I could ever ask for! I personally never shop from YSL unless it's Clutches or makeup. I'm really not a big fan of their skin care stuff -.- but the makeup is a favorite for me!

Here are the stuff that I got. It's my first time trying these products, so I cannot give you a brief review yet, but I've heard positive feedback about the concealer from my friends.

As for Estee Lauder, which is a brand that I don't really buy frequently from (but I still adore), I normally tend to like Estee Lauder shadows because they are long lasting, and I have previously tried one of their Mascaras (not sure of the name), and I liked it but I have found better alternatives since then.

Since it's spring time, I wanted a blush color that would be fun, fresh and full of spring/summer! and I found a great one from Estee Lauder

Last but not least, Dior :] 

I very very very very rarely purchase pricy nail polishes, but the 'Rosy Bow' by Dior was the perfect pink shade that I was looking for, so here it is:

I normally buy nail polishes by Avon, which do a great job at a very affordable price :)

My sister Salsabil and I have an obsession with Mascaras, I could purchase 10 Mascaras at the same time!! it's like my guilty pleasure XD ... and I usually love Dior, Lancome and Clarins for my Mascaras. I never purchase drug store products for my lashes, I just don't trust them to be honest, so Mascara is usually the most expensive thing in my makeup bag.

I purchased the Diorshow Extase Mascara before, and I fell in love with it so I continued buying it. The new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara is also great, so I got that one as well.

The packaging also look lovely :)

That's it :)

I promise you, I don't usually purchase expensive branded makeup, I only do this about twice a year, and it works well for me :) .. I also like to look at cheaper alternatives like Avon, Kiko Cosmetics and Loreal Paris. But I feel more secure buying from more expensive brands that I trust and have tried before since my skin is extremely sensitive. I also would suggest you really pay the extra money for anything that goes on your face!!! it's worth it...