Hey :)

Most of you probably already know that I am moving to Europe (specifically to the Netherlands) soon, and I am absolutely excited about making travel plans and tripping around Europe with my sister and friends :D so here's a list of places that I am hoping to visit before the end of 2013:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Since i'm moving to the Netherlands pretty soon, it only makes sense for me to really want to visit Amsterdam! 

What to do in Amsterdam? I'm pretty sure there's SO MUCH to do in Amsterdam, but one thing i'm really excited about is actually the handbag and purse museum! yeah my thoughts are innocent :)

2. Milan, Italy


I've literally been dreaming about this city! I wanted to go for my birthday, but unfortunately I can't :'(, but Christmas time in Milan sounds just as great to me! 

Why Milan? well in addition to the fact that it's a well known fashion destination, I am amazed by the Duomo di Milano, or Milan's Cathedral, which looks stunningly beautiful. I'm excited to go visit the place :)... oh and did I mention that I LOVE Italian food? :p

3. Berlin, Germany


My sister currently lives in Germany, and she is constantly telling me that she would love to take me shopping in Berlin! and of course I've accepted her offer :D ..

I think Berlin would be a great destination for me and my sister to have a good quality sister bonding time. It's honestly a very energetic city filled with beautiful places to see, including the Berlin Wall which is a very important historical destination in Berlin.

4. Cannes, France


France has many places that I would love to see before the end of this year! .. 

Cannes has always interested me. The vibe, the beach, the streets, the shops, just everything about Cannes will make me smile :) which is why it is a place that I really want to visit before the end of 2013, however I hope I can make it before winter time! 

5. Bordeaux, France


Pont de pierre, or the "Stone Bridge" in english, is such an attractive place! .. I only knew about Bordeaux when a friend suggested I visit her in Bordeaux saying that it's such a beautiful place, and that although she lives there, she still finds it a pretty amazing place. This encouraged me to go visit, and after looking through the ineternet about the city, I honestly reaaaaaallly want to go right now! 

If you're really into wine, apparently Bordeaux is great for wine? (correct me if i'm wrong) I don't know much about this. 

6. Venice, Italy


More from Italiaaaa... this time it's the beautiful Venice :)

To tell the truth, I have this fantasy of being on a boat ride with a very handsome Italian fella ... hahaha i'm only joking XD