السلام علييييييكم :)

I have always been into watches, I literally cannot leave the house without a watch, and I feel incomplete without a watch every time I go out without one, so I've had a thing for watches ever since I was a younger teen actually. 

Recently, I started to really get interested in gold, which is only natural for an Arab girl ;p Gold is a very important part of our culture and traditions for women, as I have explained in an earlier post :)

Putting two of my favorite things together means a new obsession! 

I personally think a person wearing a watch can be extremely attractive, and reveals that the person is organized, and values time (this is my opinion), and of course the choice of the watch also shows a lot :p

My favorite watches for everyday have to be Michael Kors and DKNY, I think they are worth the money, and some Michael Kors watches are actually not very pricy which is great :)

I am loving my Rochas golden watch (sorry I do not know which model it is, but i'd tweet it if I found the package) , which I don't wear very often since it is a 'special occasion' watch, and is very expensive:

I would wear this watch in weddings, dinner parties or family gatherings :)

Do you wear watches? if yes, what is your favorite brand?