I have been looking for a 'Greek goddess' inspired gown for the past 3 months now, so I can wear it for a very special wedding celebration on the 28th of March, and I have been looking all over town for the perfect dress, and honestly I was beginning to lose hope.

However, two days ago, I visited a store in 'Markaz al Bahja' in Muscat, called 'Malaak', which is one of my favorite stores in town and I am a regular customer there, and thankfully I found my perfect Greek goddess gown!!! the only Disappointment is that I couldn't find the same dress in white, but the Navy color that I purchased is still Fab!

Throughout the process of what I call 'Dress hunting', I realized that Oman really lacks in this specific market, which is actually a very important market that targets women, which are the world's largest marketing segment, but i'm glad I was able to finally find my perfect gown :)

If you are in Oman, where do you buy your gowns from? tweet me! I would like to know, or leave a comment below :)