Inside my closet: Khaliji dresses!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

السلام عليكم :)

A good friend has suggested that I do a blog post featuring my collection of dresses, more specifically Khaliji style dresses, or Arabian style dresses. Before I get into showing you guys my favorite dresses that I own, and tend to wear often in special celebrations and occasions, let me explain what the word 'Khaliji' actually means.

The word 'Khaliji' is an Arabic word said to describe an Arab who is originally from the Arabian gulf countries, i.e. Oman, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. These Arab countries tend to have a similar way of dressing when it comes to gowns and traditional clothing. Although there are some differences, the 'Khaliji' dress has become very popular among these countries, and even beyond to reach other Arab women as well. 

I personally love the Bahraini style traditional costume, and tend to buy it very often. That's just my personal taste :)

Here is a peak at a few items from my collection (I hope you like them, it took me great effort and energy to get them out of their closet and to photograph them T.T ... it was like my daily workout session LOL):

(Click to enlarge photos)

The above images show my most recently purchased Khaliji style dresses, and this type of dresses are extremely popular among young Omani women at the moment :) 

One of my older blog's followers has asked me "where can I find such dresses?" ... well unfortunately, I have not been able to find an online store in which you can buy from apart from Marka VIP's website. That is the only place I think you could find such dresses online at really good prices. If you live in an arab country, try looking at 'The First Choice House' or 'Asayel' ... these are the two places I know of. If you are in Muscat, here's a list of places you can go to:

  • ملاك - مركز البهجة
  • أصايل - الحيل الشمالية
  • المعولي
  • العبيداني - ستي سنتر السيب
  • دار الاختيار الاول - ستي سنتر السيب

I will let you know if I can get any other locations, but most of my dresses i purchase them from Dubai so it's hard for me to locate some stores in Muscat :'(

Some of you may also be concerned about the prices of such dresses, well the price ranges. I have found some with prices as low as only $135, some are more expensive and can be up to $1350 (but of course I cannot buy many expensive ones, so I tend to buy ones which are in the middle: priced between $360 - $540, which is a good range for good dresses) 

I have also realized that many international fashion designers, such as Marchesa and Temperly London, are starting to design some gowns that are somehow inspired by the Khaliji dress, which makes me happy because it gives us Arab girls more options when we decide to buy such dresses :D

As a bonus, i'm going to show you some normal gowns that I am also loving from my closet:

I apologize for the poor condition of the dresses, I should take better care of them XD but sadly I don't wear them very often :'( 

If you have any questions, tweet me or leave a comment below ;)



  1. I loved this post and your Omani bracelets posts:)

    1. Thank you :) glad you loved them


  2. Bouh Love <3
    Thaank you so much for this huge amazing post!
    I love all of your dresses I want them all !!!!!!!!
    If I remember well, the blue dress is the one you weared for Eid day. The black one is definitely my favorite ! The red one is so gorgeous ! Wallah ! I love them all Thanks thanks thanks again baby <3

    1. Yes, I wore that for Eid :) thank you for your comment, and i'm glad you liked them xoxo

  3. Wow! I love the black one! So pretty!

  4. wow
    I like the abayas.
    I live in uae and meet so many khaleeji women. I must say they are the most sensuous women in the world and they have immense sex appeal.

  5. Wow Beautiful

    I live in UAE and i see many khaleeji women from KSA Oman Qatar and so on.
    I love Khaleeji women they are soo beautiful and elegant.
    but sad I am not able to ever meet or talk to them

    1. Thank you, i'm glad you like them.

      I visit the UAE very often and it would be nice to perhaps meet and discuss the fashion/beauty culture in this area of the world.

      Thank you for the compliment, I feel flattered as an Omani woman. I do think that women here tend to stick to a certain social circle, and not exceed it ... but I am more there are some women who would be more than glad to get to know you and talk to you.

      Thank you for your comment :)

  6. ok why are you feeling flattered ? I am serious .. besides are you also sticking to certain social culture ? or are you broadminded ? when do you plan to visit uae again Balsam ? may be we can meet///lol (and finally my chance to interact with a khaleeji lady).. ;)

    awaiting your reply
    is there any private email i can email you on.....

  7. why you feeling flattered ?
    so when you plan to visit uae ? may be we could meet and discuss stuff as you mentioned.. ;) (and my desire to meet a khaleeji lady will be fulfilled).\
    is there a private email i can keep in touch with you ?

    1. Thank you so much.
      You can find my contact details on my 'contact' page.

      thank you for your comment.


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