السلام عليكم :)

Today, the 21st of March, and the beginning of Spring, we are celebrating mother's day in Oman (so do other Arab countries too). My sisters and I have decided to buy our Mom some natural products for her hair, hands and nails since she has been complaining about hair loss and change in skin due to some medication that she has to take for a medical problem. I am glad that she liked the gift :) she seemed excited.

I just would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the most amazing mother in the world, she honestly is like a best friend, a sister and a mother at the same time :)

Two weeks ago, I had a hospital appointment where the doctor casually asked my mother is she was my sister, and my mother's reply honestly brought tears to my eyes. She said: 'I am her best friend, sister and mother at the same time' ... She was right :')

I honestly had a terrible year last year, and without her, I probably would not have been able to pull through well. I am so grateful for having such a strong woman in my life, she is like a role model to me :)

Mama I love you, and I hope you stay healthy :)

Happy mother's day to you all celebrating it today!