السلام عليييييكم :)

Yesterday was the first day of Spring 2013, and I am so excited because Spring is such a happy season, and it means that summer is just around the corner!!! (in addition to the fact that Spring fashion is certainly the best). Since this is mainly a fashion/beauty blog, I decided to do a Spring edition of my style picks! and I will feature many styles from the spring 2013 H&M magazine that I think has many gorgeous styles for this year's spring :) I am absolutely digging it!

I have previously posted a Spring Hair blog post, to show you that braids are pretty big this season for the beauty aspect! And today, before I start with what I think is a hot, good, and wearable trend for this spring, let me introduce you to another beauty trend that has been spotted in the runway from international fashion lines, that I believe are pretty good for this year's spring:

Ombre lips? anyone? ... I actually have been into the two-toned lips for quite some time, but I never shared the secret with anybody! I  just secretly did it personally :p but now that I see they are getting bigger on the runway, I am happy to finally see it more popular .. 

How to: It's so easy, all you have to do is grab two shades of the same color (I prefer neutral pinks to not make it so crazy), along with a suitable lip liner. Line the lips, and using a brush add some of the darker shades into the middle of the lower lip, and the lighter shade should go all over the upper lip. Blend well leaving no harsh lines using a lipstick brush :)


As for the fashion point of view, here are my favorite trends from this season (images are all from H&M Spring 2013 Magazine)

Coral Accessories

Coral in general is trending right now, but I am really into coral accessories, such as multi-toned coral and peachy bangles, and bold coral purses. 

(Image: both are by H&M, bag is 7.9 OMR, and the bangles are 3.9 OMR)

Studded everything!

You should have guessed that something with studs and spikes would make it to my top trends for this year's spring, since I am really into them since last year! 

I am really loving this studded shirt by H&M (as shown on the image above), and studs are also on bags! Step up your casual outfit with a gorgeous studded purse (available on H&M for 10.9 OMR) 

Denim, denim, and more denim!

Aren't we all so thankful for whoever invented Denim? well this week is Denim week, and I am still in love with the denim trend. Why don't you try the double denim trend this spring? ... I know it's risky, but you can pull it off ;)

I am obviously a huge fan of jeans, and I do wear jeans a lot, and can never get bored of buying jeans. The biggest number of same style clothing in my closet is certainly the jeans!!! The denim jacket can also be a perfect add-on to your sun dress this spring, and possible summer too!! oh, and denim is big for men too this season!

Black & White stripes

I am loving black and white, and putting it together with stripes (which is also something I love), is an absolute hit for Spring :D ... No matter how big or small, stripes are in for this season. 

Black & white was dominant on Dolce & Gabanna, Moschino & Marc Jacobs runway for 2013 S/S collections.. oh and there was some stripes too ;)

Floral prints, again :)

Yaaaay, floral prints are very popular right now, and you have no idea how happy I am!! :D :D :D :D ... I am such a huge fan of floral prints, and I wouldn't mind going all floral from head to toe either ;)

I think that this is such a good nature inspired trend, and fits perfectly for the spring atmosphere. The good thing is that this year, the floral print is not only for skirts and shirts, you could go with a floral printed pants too. Pair it up with a chic plain blazer, and some pumps and you're set to go ...

oh, and a bonus for the gents ;)

Color! ... lots of bold colors for the man this spring. and putting two bold colors together are pretty hot too, just make sure you don't over accessorize. 


Let me know if you have any other trends that you're loving for this year's spring :)

Stay fabulous,