أهلييين :)

I have previously mentioned that I am a huge fan of spiked, fierce jewelry, which is one of the reasons why I adore Omani traditional gold jewelry that I have blogged about a couple of weeks ago (check it out here). 

I think that fierce metallic jewelry will always be a trend that I would wear, I think that a statement jewelry can completely transform your outfit and step it up! .. but do be very careful when choosing what to wear with such pieces of accessories.

I would recommend wearing such pieces with plain outfits, and a sleek up-do to avoid looking overdone, and over accessorized, as you can easily do that if you match such accessories with the wrong colors or clothing items.

I purchased two earrings (which were on sale from Aldo, so extremely affordable), a couple of days ago and I haven't wore them yet:

As you can see, they are both Metallic colors, which are actually my two favorite colors: Gold & Silver. I think I would pair them up with either an all black, or an all white outfits :)

If you are into making a statement with your choice of accessories, go ahead and grab your killer metallic earrings!!! ;)