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أهلييين حبايبي :)

I have been in the process of looking for the perfect BB cream ever since the idea of the BB cream became viral in the beauty industry, and almost all known international makeup brands started creating their own BB creams due to the positive feedback and response towards the idea of the 'Blemish Balm', AKA: the BB cream :)

The BB cream has been popular in East Asia, and as far as I know it is more commonly used in South Korea by people as a daily makeup product, and skin care product. If you are not familiar with the BB cream, I would tell you a little bit more about it:

The Blemish Balm Cream, or more commonly known as the BB cream, is a cosmetic product, originally used by plastic surgeons in the medical field to hide scars and help to heal them. It is a very good product because it takes care of your skin care, moisturizes, and also has a light coverage to it which makes it great for daily use.

I do think that the BB cream is ideal for those with an 'almost' perfect skin, because it has light coverage so it is Okay to use it alone without the need of any extra concealing or foundation for everyday makeup routine. However, if you are pretty confident with your skin, I suggest you substitute your BB cream to a tinted moisturizer which tends to have lighter coverage than a BB cream.

I happen to be having a nasty breakout on my skin recently, due to some health problems, and I am working extremely hard on getting my skin back to normal, however, I cannot go out looking horrible with bad acne scars around my cheeks, but on the same time, I dislike to use too much concealing and foundation on them while they heal, therefore, a BB cream is my best option at the moment.

I purchased the Garnier BB cream just to try it out, and the Marks & Spencers limited edition Tinted moisturizer, both in the shade 'light', and I wanted to see the difference between the two, and honestly, I think the Garnier BB cream is doing a great job so far.

Although I really like the tinted moisturizer, I think my skin is not at a very good state at the moment, so I do not feel confident with a tinted moisturizer only, so the BB cream does a better job because of the higher coverage that it gives.

I am loving the Garnier BB cream, and I would suggest it to anybody who is looking for an alternative to foundation for daily everyday makeup. I am also planning on purchasing one for university, so I can use it on a day to day basis.

Have you tried the BB cream?